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[Admin] AwesomeHasbegin1 a So I have a question will u work on ur stream and ur Minecraft server?
[Admin] SkrillexAkaCraft Chun_Li <3 a lol still need to fix a couple of things on it but its going to look better currently have to do some paper work so se ...
[Admin] Gtt1000 a Idk what to say ...
I realy need some donations so i can get the server online when its completly done :/ i found a solutions to get the server crash gone the reason the server keeps crashing right now is becouz of its using alot of ram on my pc since i'm doing/working on other stuff to so donations are appreciated o_O

+ Once the server is done i gonna delete op else people can ask a staff member for pokemon so i gonna get rid of that to

so there wont be annyone op once the server is done everything will be done with permissions and whitout * perm

So stay tuned for ferther info!!!!
[Admin] Gtt1000 a oh no! well i dont have money sry
22-4-2014 02:07
The new modpacl is launched!
Mac users can download the modpack to!
If there are bugs/problems please make a topic here 
You can download both packs here!
Its 17-03-2014
Since today i got a Girlfriend that means i will announce each day she will be here 
on the forums :) so keep looking for when a new topic is on the forums!

Its 7-03-214
I had a phone call of the shop where my pc is @
And they dont got and announced date 
when i can pickup my pc so we have to wait a litle bit longer
but i will keep you guys up to date!

Its 10-03-2014
We got a call from the firma where i inned my pc for a workup
they told that my pc wud be back on fraiday then i would be able to get online
So prepare for a buildup
People that want to join pm me you skype so i can add you soon into the voicechat on skype [Important]
So i hope to hear you soon!

Its 13-02-2014
Since a couple of days i didnt get a chance to login
i noticed some problems with my pc so i sended it to the store
and then they wer'e looking for the problem
i got a call from the store and they said that the cooling is broke and that they need to repair it asap
so now i'm waiting for a call to pick my pc up and restart the streaming
and helping out
Now i can be on the site on a difrent pc but i cant be online on minecraft or on the stream

[Admin] Gtt1000 a im on the server ...
[Admin] AcMilankid a Thats the server guys! Good Luck!
[Admin] AcMilankid a Yes at last Skrill is back, Everyone hop on the server and battle on. Train until you are the best!
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